Hi, Thanks for checking out the new fireslide site. I'm still working on it as I also work on perfecting the fireslide and getting it to you, the user. I think you'll find the demos and lessons especially useful. Check them out: some of the lessons apply to any kind of slide playing. I'm told the fireslide makes a dandy lap steel or bluegrass side, too.

You can contact me at fireslide@cogeco.ca -- I'd love to hear from you.

The fireslide is available at The Kingston Guitar Shop and Centre Stage Music in Kingston Ontario or Mr. C's Gift of Music in Brockville. Or you can buy one from me. Dealer enquiries are welcome.

Doug Gifford

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world's most versatile guitar slide

With the fireslide guitar slide, you can slide and fret with three fingers at the same time. You can play any chord in multiple positions up the neck. And you have access to both slide and fretted sounds all the time -- even fretting and sliding at the same time. Wail the blues, swing western, sway Hawaiian with lap steel style slants. rock country or country rock, even jazz with a seasoning of tasty slides and all the chords. Whatever language your fingers speak, the fireslide can sing it. The fireslide can take you where your muse says to go.

looks great

Each fireslide is a gleaming bar of colour in your hand, dancing and gliding over the strings of your guitar. Heck, you can even paint your nails to match.

feels great

BIC® sells over a billion (!) lighters a year. One reason for that is that they're a pleasure to hold. So easy to manipulate. Reach into your pocket and take out a BIC® lighter and you will probably have it in position to use by the time it clears your pocket. That's pretty amazing. Same on guitar -- the fireslide is a pleasure to hold, easy to manipulate.

sounds great

Everybody and their cousin has tried using a BIC® lighter as a slide and… it sounds lousy and they toss it aside. I tried one and it sounded lousy to me, too. I figured I could fix that: make it heavier. After six months of experimenting and hundreds of hours of playing and listening, I make every fireslide as heavy as it can be (without being radioactive or costing four figures). And it sounds great. Clean, full, with tons of sustain, even on the low strings.

feels great